Gambia: Gambians are ready to put this rudderless regime with it’s overreaching ideology into a historical parenthesis.

Since Yaya Jammeh got the front row seat as the leader of our nation thought military coup, despite the patina of unity from all sides of the political spectrum to give him a chance to lead, he quickly relished his role as servants of the Gambian people, diverts his focus off nation challenges to enriched himself, put forward a divisive agenda that increases societal repression and scaled back all the legislation that were put in place to address the challenges of our nation. He instead chose to be the only political trendsetter for the rest of the nation —  by putting forth anemic policies that keeps alive biggest hurdles of unnecessary challenges for our nation such as —  limiting internet capabilities, buying old ferri machines or painting their decaying bodies, putting more burdens on our Nawec generations by using the institution as Ponzi schemes and completing with every business   as a means of shutting a lot of people out from the Gambian Dream.

It should be noteworthy to Gambians that the regime still seems to be lagging behind national sentiment of — ending rampant arrest of our fellow citizens, best exemplified by the most recent arrest of APRC members for merely taking selfies with their leader. Amidst this, our nation is being pulled to the extremes if nothing else, aimed at continuing deep and widespread dissatisfaction. Gambians on both sides of the pollical aisle, balked at a continuation of dark policies driven by prejudice such as — spike in the waves of arrest, the regime constantly alarming the sirens of fear, expression of the ultimate disgust of the aggressive misinformation campaign and the disdain for rampant political correctness.  Yaya Jammeh chose to double down with overreached ideologically of brutality —  that none of us understand yet its origins. This ideology resulted to falling our communities into social chaos, growing drug/alcohol addiction of his killers, poor school performance of our children because —  most are taught by mercenary teachers whom are only concerned about their pockets and even declining life expectancy as evident of the recent surge in “daily RIP” messages.  Everything that was put into place by our parents hard work, has all faded within twenty-two years or failing to its death. A similar scenario has emerged in our institutions —especially the regime posers and easy riders, whom  are busy growing fat bellies and chasing skits around town —instead of working on nations interest.

Simply put, Yaya Jammeh may like to see himself as a bellwether for the rest of the nation, but if he continues down a path of seriously ignoring the  concerns or the grievances of his own political  constituency such as : The long-suffering ordinary Gambians; long-neglected  concerns of APRC voters class; and micromanaging people’s personal lives, he may be leading a parade to December 1st polling stations  only to turn around and discover that no one is following him.  It should also be noteworthy to Yaya Jammeh that he has failed to deliver on all his promises to usher in new era for Gambia as evidenced —  by a fitting emotional reactions of —  outraged, disgusted and devastation wherever you stepped or whenever his name is mentioned. Today, one needs to travel through over 25 check points for the sole purpose of disturbing the free movement of people to get to next town. It never occurred to banks, they will be constantly put into oblivion because — Zanab Jammeh must get foreign currency one way or another. Small business in towns followed suit with their endless panhandling —  to causes they don’t believe in deep down in their hearts. As tends to occur, they have already reached the commanding heights of their lives but, they have grown more arrogant and demanding. Zainab has to always be in the exclusive glamour zone at our nations coffers peril.

Gambians are looking forward to celebrate of the end of the regime that has brought the greatest carnage that had befallen our country. When the smoke and the cordite aroma of this regime clears on December 1st, we need to purposely achieve social peace, restore dignity, financial security to the stressed families and policies ends our youths sliding to backway journey. Gambians are ready to put this rudderless regime into a historical parenthesis to enable us to rebind the fabric of society again, bipartisanship harmonious policies continue to improve along with broader economic opportunity of every Gambian and put an end to all the senseless killings — by the regimes unconventional insurgents or if nothing else, stop the jailing of our citizens. We are tantalizingly close to achieve this — if we all help the coalition candidate with the votes he needs, support and logistics. Gambia needs a profound course correction from the vast realm of our own professionals in the diaspora and their business services to move our country in the right direction.

Needless to say, if Gambians fail to support the coalition and give their votes elsewhere, that means a continuation of the dismal pattern of the same — primitive horde of  policies  that encourages killing, arresting, dishonesty, rising inequality and diminished global status. Yaya Jammeh’s unwanted additional bad policies —he wants to continue, will profoundly affect our geography, politics and economic future. The man has already explained to the whole nation with his deeds as to — why his policies that hurt the Gambians are actually for his own good. Each and every Gambians wants an end to the disparate and sometimes contradictory policies that the regime uses to govern our nation. This is the reason why Gambians have found common ground in frustration with the regime’s erosion of all our pillars of nation hood. We love our country too despite what Yaya Jammeh wants our fellow citizens to believe. Our pains remain inspirational to many. Gambians are ready to rolled up their sleeves for national duty . Let’s all contribute one way or another — to make sure the regime gets the shellacking it needs to be uprooted out of Gambia. As the sun rise on December 2nd, we pray and hope for the beginning of the new beginning becomes reality. Thanks to all those who bravery came out to support the coalition and attended their rallies.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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