Gambia: As the days towards elections dwindle down to a precious few, what matters most is to vote for change on December 1st

Most of us learn at mother’s knee the Gambian values of Speaking ill of the dead is not nice, having certain conversations around children isn’t wise, and humiliating elders isn’t the best manners to have. Those words are part of the building bricks of our moral conscience. As for Yaya Jammeh — an unrepentant rogue despot with the conscience of a hangman, does the opposite of all those values. Worse than anything, he cannot restrain any impulses he may have about Gambians whom are his victims — when he stands in front of school children. He makes death wishes of those who oppose him, constantly swearing against our elders   and hurling tribal obscenities against a particular group of Gambians in front of school children. When he is at the world stage —  he says the most insincere things about the death of the past generations and Gambians he murdered whiles making  long senseless haranguing speeches full of   pathetic empty slogans.

Since Yaya Jammeh is clearly having difficulty comprehending that he does not own Gambia or haven’t learnt that or our values like most of us did at our mothers knees, all Gambians should vote for the coalition to give him the comeuppance “ a remarkable rebuke” — he needs on December 1st for his unforgivable legacy. Gambian have trended toward the Coalition to welcome new Gambia on December 2nd , but the despot —  seemed determined to find his  own direction to continue his oppression. The plain fact that is that voting for the coalition is only hope for sanity. Yaya Jammeh has talked too much, stayed too long, and he is obsessed with power to satisfy his greed. The dictator and his mob of thieves — spend most of their time funneling of government millions into the  failed crony  Kanilai enterprises and their own pockets.  More than anything, he spends his time on his valedictory campaign tour — swelling his accomplishments for himself only at the detriment of the ordinary Gambians, bolstering his image and polishing his failed brutal legacy – that Gambians wants to pack away into the dustbins of history.

As the days towards elections dwindle down to a precious few, what matters most, perhaps, is how best to ensure that Yaya Jammeh is decisively defeated on Thursday evening — to restrain any impulses he may have for any Gambians and we end his brutal rule before Fridaymorning for a new Gambia. The man is a conspiracy theorist of the first rank who is obliviousness to the people’s hunger for change. He is desperately chasing every shadow there is on the sidewalks to vote him and making long senseless haranguing speeches — full of pathetic empty slogans that cannot give a new life to his dead regime. Beyond the rhetoric, the man does not have any decency but only interested in continuing to plunder our public treasury. The dictator is determined to drive the Gambia off the cliff —because he clearly told BBC’s Omar Fofana — he not forgive any of his political prisoners if he wins this election fraudulently. This suggest that he is a dark hearted person who appears to be indifferent to the harm his policies are inflicting in Gambian communities.

Despite Osman Sonko spilling all the beans of that Yaya Jammeh is a closed minded tribalist with lethal consequences agenda and being personally involved in killing of the Gambians, he is still stubbornly devoted to add more collateral damage to our country. In addition to numerous plots to sacrifice Gambians for delish Jallangs and crocodiles shrines around the country, Yaya Jammeh’s commitment to Marxist-brutal Jallang ideology, has resulted to—mass executions of students and  mile 2 prisoners, land seizures,  the arrest of political dissidents became commonplace now in Gambia . Worst of all, our country was  once the envy of the west African sub region, but that changed when Yaya Jammeh  and gangs, in attempted to make their dreams of enriching themselves real, they primarily succeeded in keeping Gambians very poor and the country into the most bloody and repressive dictatorships in the long history the region. Twenty years of dictatorship offered Gambia nothing meaningful except pain and regrets.

Gambia! Buying something without knowing the price is foolish. Yaya Jammeh sold us dictatorship by hiding the price tag, and 22 years later it’s clear that we are still paying dearly for it with our lives and dignity of our nation. All told, we cannot afford to buy Yaya Jammeh’s fools goal of dictatorship again on December 1st. That means being smart and vote for the coalition.  Let remember the old saying  “God helps those who help themselves”. Gambia need relief from Yaya Jammeh and so do you.  Lets all encourage our friends and families to vote for the coalition. God Bless The Gambia!

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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