Gambia: The best gift you can give yourself and your country is – a vote for a new beginning on December 1st

Let’s get real. The December 1st presidential elections scheduled for Thursday this week, is no doubt among the most important decision to either mark — the beginning of the end of one of the most traumatic years in Gambian history or a continuing of the devastating carnage on Gambia and it’s citizens.  It’s dangerous to allow our country to be ruled by a disguised tyrant and his like-minded loyalists who won’t challenge him or control his worst instincts. Here are a few thoughts worth pondering: We cannot afford to have Yaya Jammeh shoulder himself back to the presidency. He has nothing to offer Gambian except to further his business interests and amplifying his extreme positions with lethal force. With it comes a sense of failure for our country, one that can bleed our nations and hopes to the bone if we let it. These are worrisome enough. He is patiently waiting to bulldoze all our hopes for Gambia into a graveyard at his so called Islamic State of the Gambia. More alarming are the future conflicts he will put our country through that aren’t known. What guarantees will there be for Gambians, that will serve as a wall between Yaya Jammeh’s deplorable policies on us or to minimize even the appearance of conflict?

Again, lets get real and be honest to ourselves. Every Gambian knows by now that— the APRC regime has put our country on a terrible dictatorship diet  with symptoms  —that no one wishes to continue on December 2nd. For the last twenty two  years, the regime  mounted despicable attacks on Gambians  and all of us have  tried to rationalize the effects of Yaya Jammeh’s bigotries on our nation as a whole. Those same images are now magnified for everyone to have a clear choice to vote for the coalition. But the truth is —the green dead-ender’s loyalist, has shown a stubborn reluctance to engage in self-delusion by vowing to vote for Yaya Jammeh. He will in turn — either fire them, kill them, jail them or exile them. As mind-boggling as it may be, this pattern has become all too common. Also  the purple color lovers—trapped in their own algorithm-driven echo chambers of (mis)information,  pose a challenge that many wouldn’t like to admit. The brutal truth is — most of our people, can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda. Their efforts will no doubt divide the electorate and makes it tough on certain areas— the coalition needs to beat Yaya Jammeh mercilessly— to balance out numbers from Kanilai and foni region. Their rubble rousers, keyboard arsonist and anonymous internet trolls are out there with their abusive language, razor cutting our hopes (shezzzz) and  causing so much adrenalin and anger with their distractions.

Thankfully, we have another category of people whom are now starting to pay attention. Sadly for many, the reality  of being engaged into their nations affairs— delivers something entirely different. But they have sensed weight and worry coming from their co-workers, acquaintances— sitting in the chair next to them, sharing— their hearts, secrets pains, and worst nightmares the regime brought about. Additionally, unfolding before their eyes was a scene of utter despair: Massive crowds of Gambians including many friends, victims, everyday ordinary people, diasporians travelling all the way back home and all the political leaders (Coliation) working out tirelessly with shallow breaths—to save Gambia for the last chance. The likes of OJ, Halipha Sallah, Hamat Bah, unfamiliar faces popping out on facebook live events  and self-exiled musicians— all  with fluency, speaking  a language of our 22 years  of pains known by far more Gambians  than most can fathom.

These are the people who can break away the elections clearly for the Coalition. However, they have another subgroup within them that only comes out— when they see something fantastical. The likes of celebrities like Vivian/Yousu Ndure, instantaneously brings delight to their hearts to move their legs. However, others whom are still standing on the corner— need their bad habits broken just for once at least. This is not the time to turn your back against your country and your fellow Gambians facing  a continued systematic oppression for the past twenty two years. This is the most noble duty to  heal our  broken nation with your vote. Again, Gambia and your friends need your support now more than ever. Either we all lean against each other and vote for the coalition to keep the masses upright, end all our pains, free our comrades in prison or enable the system that will eventually make us fall together into a fractured heap of lost hope. Eventual, the sad results is we will lose Gambia to rebels making so much noise on the horizon and internet. Yaya Jammeh is patiently waiting on his high wheel bulldozer— ready to bulldoze all of our hopes into his Islamic State grave yard. The thoughtless ways  of intensifying our divisions and more pain for our nation— is by either not voting or putting your votes elsewhere other than the coalition. Vote for the path of healing by standing in line early morning on Thursday after fajr prayers to vote for the coalition.

Lastly, Gambians are deeply concerned about band of APRC brother at the  IEC— who cared not at all about ethics  but their self-interest  and the vast potential for corruption stemming from conflicts of interest. After all,  the benchmarks they  apply to the opposition is not  the same they put forth for Yaya Jammeh and his regime. All our concerns about — their unacceptable or offensive behaviors are either ignored or answered in both  confusing colorful  language and unequivocal condemnation of the questioner— by offering some pseudo-logical reasoning or self-serving explanations. Gambians earnestly deserve to have a president that gives voice to their sorrow and a fresh start to a new beginning for our country. Not a vociferous leader who tear us apart and grab hold on all of our dreams, but leaders of the coalition— whose efforts, reminds us of the sense of warm love, light our way towards our ambitions ladder of opportunities and put in concrete laws that allows us to enjoy the freedom of belonging to our country. After all, our umbilical cords are buried in our country. We all see the symptoms of our nation’s public anguish— after 22 years of misadventures by a disoriented, aimless leader,  who does not cherries the experience of a common humanity. Lets all come out and vote for change. No votes left behind! Every votes counts.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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