Gambia: Will a Coalition finally represent the last straw for Gambians to counter punch this untenable regime?

Contrary to the chorus of denials, what or if any particular event will finally represent the last straw, that will finally sink the APRC regime in the eyes of Gambians? Why is it very hard to appeal to the higher angels of Gambians in doing the right thing for the country’s interest? Is it — we are quick to make assumptions about people or the dark sins of the country have clouded our eyes?  Our I EC wants to make us believe that those laying down in our cemeteries, had a habit of returning to life to make sure 900,000 voters are registered? News of valuable importance to the nation still does not deserve 15 minutes of public attention on GRTS.  The EU have to constantly travel to the Gambia taking steps to inject some sanity into the regimes each time they start toying with our lives for ritual sacrifice. The IMF are constantly provoked to come lecture us about financial discipline when Yaya Jammeh fails to pay government employees but waste our resources on his desires.  The years of bizarre utterance on that makes us as a nation look silly, instilling in our society an ideology that deliberately oppresses Gambians and   Yaya Jammeh’s occasional off-the-wall remarks statements about our traditions —these have tested the patience of Gambians for years but we keep sucking our teeth’s “cheepu” whiles holding on that counterpunch.

We understand that Yaya Jammeh is constantly rebranding things to soothe the eyes and ears of Gambians, but he doesn’t shy away from making convoluted phrases to hide behind euphemism in describing his blunders. He has recently open up about his crimes and ill will intentions of policies, that     —are detrimental to the country. The supposed President of Gambia have problem counterbalancing the ethos of his moral restraint — be it his desires or — his dark deeds of ending life’s in the most deplorable ways. His regime griots always make statements that intentionally misleads Gambians and make pronouncements that not only made him look worse among people but somehow, Gambians —apparently regard them as victims few moons later.  In APRC of Gambia, residences of neighboring countries residing in the city’s and those laying down in our cemeteries, had a habit of returning to life according to the IEC registry on election day to vote for the regime. Shocking enough? Huh, let’s keep going. The military are allowed to fiddle with the elections as the votes get casted. Contrary to the chorus of denials, Gambians are aware of all these issues.

To the contrary, they themselves have little or no confidence— their words reconcile with reality. Their culture of self-important idealism has wrecked our society— twinkling drown from Yaya Jammeh.   It’s all about get what I can for myself, and everyone else can take care of themselves. This regime does not have any aspirational quality one can point to. They lack that moral human touch when talking about the nation’s problems or those citizens the regime wronged. But they rushed to their victim’s homes and comminutes narrating different events before news get to the people. Remember when Osman Sonko went to Darboe’s residence to ask about his whereabouts — after knowing full well they were kidnapped by his men?  Worst still, the regime will be engaged in buying votes with people’s money and deny them development thereafter. This acts are not an inspiring image of the common good of humanity— but yet Gambians are holding their counterpuncher.

This is why the opposition fails to make an emotional connection with Gambians. Appealing to the higher angels of Gambians is so hard because— we are quick to make assumptions about people. Ironically, the crisis of isolation Yaya Jammeh brought to our country and fragmentation he caused among our people has weakened our communities both at home and the diaspora. The selfishness the regime sweep alone into our shores and cynicism the old guards such as “Yayi kompins, made Gambians to trade in one of their most noble character – neighborliness. The effects social engineering and the regimes culture of putting distrust of the politicians by reducing their efforts to lowest motivations of Gambians, have decimated the idealism of Gambians. The question in most people’s mind is, will Gambians stop stonewalling the reality in their face and give the final counterpunch his December election from all these evidence of regimes miscues wrong doings and cover-ups?

Finally, my advice to the opposition to be aware of the alarm of coalition that has been buzzing nonstop. Gambians do not have the patience for our able politician leaders instinctively resort to long words when talking about coalition. The quicker the formation of a coalition, it will resuscitate the impulse of Gambian voters quickly. To the party surrogates, we are appealing to you as fellow Gambians to stop making rosy predictions about your party’s assured victory and kind of giving a dismal picture for coalition. To our aspiring coalition candidates, the lesson learned from yesterday was- do not be distracted into answering question down the middle that gray area that causes doubts that should have been instead knocked out of the ball park. We are all in this together. The words of the wise, should be quite sufficient.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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