Gambia: Sources Close To Ambassador Faye Says Pierre Minteh Is Travelling To Banjul!

Pierre Minteh is travelling to The Gambia, next week, according to competent sources close to The Gambian Ambassador Omar Faye. Pierre will be in the country to help beef up APRC campaigns ahead of the December polls. He is also going to meet with the regime. Pierre might wondering as to how Freedom Radio Gambia, was able to access his travel details and so on. Well check around your surroundings at the Embassy.

faye-1The same source informed us that Pierre Minteh, is having a go with an opposition turned APRC defector based in the UK. The supporter, according to sources believe that he is being blocked by Pierre to secure employment opportunities with the Jammeh regime. He wants to be hired as a Diplomat in the UK.

The said APRC supporter, is also having issues with some APRC militants based in the US. We will get to that story in coming hours. For now, we will focus on Pierre’s pending Banjul trip.

Sources close to Ambassador Omar Faye, said Pierre Minteh will spend weeks in Banjul before returning to the US. Our source also noted that there is another APRC supporter currently visiting Banjul from the UK, who is also not happy with his colleagues in the US. The said APRC supporter has been stranded in Banjul. He lacks money to return to the UK. In fact, he has loaned money from his fellow APRC supporters in America, and Europe, but he never paid them.

The APRC party is in complete disarray in the US and the UK. There are divided camps with agendas. In coming hours, we will get to the bottom of the story.

Omar Faye, AKA Gorr, should watch his mouth. He talks at lot. Gorr is weak on the side of women. Jammeh’s pending UN trip was leaked by the said Embassy. Jammeh even had to change his mind at the eleventh hour and delegated his VP Isatou Njie Saidy to deputize him.

Gorr’s brother Imam Muntaha Faye said he “dreamt” of seeing flies all over the country. He has advised Gambians to take out salt as charity. An audio of Mutaha advising his followers to make the ritual sacrifice has been trending on What’sapp and social media. What’s going on Gambia?

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