Gambia: NIA Handlers Arrived In Raleigh To Monitor Alhagie Boye’s Case????

Are they are in town? NIA assets have arrived in Raleigh to witness the trial Alhagie Boye? Mr. Boye has been scheduled to appear before a Federal judge on charges of plotting to overthrow the Jammeh dictatorship. The handlers have been assigned to monitor the proceedings of Boye’s case.

According to sources, the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, is coordinating with their handlers in the East Coast region to keep them posted with developments at the court. Gorr and co are up to no good.

Mr. Boye has been scheduled to appear in court this week. The Gambian community have been showing up in court to show solidarity with him. Letters have been written by concerned residents to vouch on his behalf.

Ambassador Omar Faye, Pierre Miniteh and co should understand that their dubious activities is being monitored. The US is the land of the free. The DC handlers are here. They being aided by some locals.

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