Gambia: KMC Embarks On Waste Collection As Elections Approaches!

With barely less than two months before the Presidential elections, the brainless KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley, is trying to appease voters by deploying KMC trucks to collect waste materials in their backyards. The only time Yanks and his crew would collect trash in communities is during electioneering year. Gambians have mastered their game plan.


Sadly, the KMC has been faced with acute budgetary problems. The council can hardly afford to fuel its trucks. The majority of the trucks have been grounded for either mechanical problems or lack of fuel.


A Gambian national, who reached us said they are not interested in having the KMC waste trucks in their neighborhoods.  He tells Freedom Radio Gambia that the KMC is insensitive to the plight of the municipality.

“They think that we are fools. They want to have our votes that’s why they are collecting waste at this time. We will never vote for the APRC,” said one local resident.

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