Gambia: Gambian Peacekeepers In Darfur Accuses Yahya Jammeh Of Stealing Their Money!

Pa, as you speak on the radio, Jammeh and his cohorts are busy collecting  400 dollars from our 150 troops on peace keeping mission in Darfur, said a Freedom Radio Gambia listener. This is not the first time that the broke Gambian dictator is stealing from our soldiers on peacekeeping mission overseas.

This illegal practice perpetrated by Jammeh is done every month and is across all ranks serving in Darfur, said the listener.

According to sources “they the soldiers were told that the government of Jammeh was supposed to take 30% of their hard earned income. And to date, they don’t know where their money is going to.”

The United Nations have been alerted in the past about Jammeh’s grand theft against our men and women in uniform, but the UN is yet to take up the matter with the Jammeh dictatorship. There is growing resentment among The Gambia peacekeepers. They felt that they are being scammed by the dictator.

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