Gambia: Gambia PIU Officers Resume Guard Duties At The US Embassy!

Due to the erratic behavior of dictator Yahya Jammeh, the US government decided to send US Marines to protect the post in Banjul. This followed Jammeh’s move to withdraw the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers stationed at the Embassy.

A source writing to us said: “Jammeh has finally give into America’s pressure.. Armed guards have resumed guard duties at the US Embassy Banjul.”

For the past couple of months, The Gambian mad dog dictator has been misbehaving. He has been playing Ping-Pong game with the Americans by withdrawing his armed guards stationed at the Embassy. The Embassy was reinforced by some Marine officers from the US since the host country is refusing to provide protection for diplomats posted at the post in Banjul.

Sources said the PIU officers are now occupying the embassy premises fully armed. It is not clear what has changed from Jammeh’s end. What’s clear though the dictator has seemingly quashed his beef with the American government.

The Obama administration recently issued a visa ban on Gambia government officials and their close family members. This followed the refusal of the Jammeh government to accept deportees from the US. It has been reported that over 2000 Gambian illegals have been lined up to be deported to their native country. Some of the pending deportees have overstayed their visas, while some had criminal convictions on their rap sheet. Some have been accused of committing other immigration violations.

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