Gambia: Complete Blackout Hits Gambia; As NAWEC Generators Are Out Of Service!

Gambians are going through hell at this hour. For the past week or so, there is no electricity in The Greater Banjul Area. NAWEC, the nation’s only energy company, has been unable to provide electricity to its clients. The company says some of their generators are currently out of order. In other words, the company claims that the generators are faulty.


According to NAWEC insiders, NAWEC is experiencing fuel shortage. The insiders also said the generators are not working.

Gambia’s ailing economy has been drowning in recent months. There is no hope for economic recovery anytime soon.

Meanwhile, NAWEC customers in Banjul and Serre-Kunda have been complaining. They said they have been buying cash power without services being rendered by NAWEC.

In Basse too, similar power failures have been reported. Basse residents haven’t had light for the past five days. There is a complete blackout in Basse and elsewhere across the country.

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