Gambia: The burrowing owl of National Coffers suddenly recovering from decades-long hibernation on Gambian issues, It is a little too late

One of the strangest initiatives, from one of the burrowing owl of Gambia’s national coffers, who suddenly recovered from her decades-long hibernation on list of daunting challenges that almost all first ladies care passionately about — as her elections draws to a close. This has erupted so much firestorm of outrage and unfettered form of anger because she has always written off our nation issues with her silence as mere afterthoughts or viewed our worries as Irreverence to her convictions. To begin with, since her arrival, she took our national coffers as a prisoners war in a chokehold position— to comfort her desires with luxury. Ironically, she perfected her husband’s skills of an unbroken trail of corruption, with their usual sequestration cut-and-dried exercise on many Gambian business and aid money given to the poor nation.

What’s happened isn’t especially surprising— because everything she does perhaps well intentioned, come with major asterisks. There’s no question the foster children’s in the system needs help and someone of a star power to highlight their cause, but not from someone who been trying to close the door our nation eagerly opened to all with a compassionate heart. It’s incredible that, the way they went about soliciting funds in Dollars currency from business and world leaders, especially during the politics of the moment in exchanged for a photo op’s generated so much passionate outrage.

All in all, given the sad history of her lack of openness and accountability in past fundraising events, leaves additional questions because in the aftermaths of such events, she disappears to USA. The biggest worry about her sudden involvement, made people to cast doubt about whether the money reached its intended victims. That’s right, a year ago, it would have seemed unfathomable for first lady to speak few words to Gambians, but she breaks that mold now. Even more alarming, what also should serve as a poignant reminder is that— any programs she is involved with, were such a bait-and-switch that left Gambians mired in unsustainable levels of gush of red ink debt. In addition, her status as First lady, accorded her great wealth and unusual privilege, but her record over 16 years is one of greed, avarice and irresponsibility.

The way these couples settled their long grievances of poverty growing up from rags to riches, is sadly with injustices to our nation coffers and business to turned themselves into depraved billionaires without an ethical core. A glaring example sprang from Gambia’s once manageable debt has gone rotten and rancid —into a crushing financial burden because of their actions.  Her abrasive personality and coarseness of manner, invites so much anger, frustration, indifference and even contempt because — she never let the incessant bad news of husband distracts her nor sympathizes with Gambians on our loss, pain and unspeakable sadness.

She does not possess any requisite qualities that inspires Gambian women nor developed an appreciation and understanding of the real-life concerns of women.

It is almost surreal when you stop and think this woman didn’t intervene on behalf our baby Isha, prevailing on her husband to release the tortured women of April 14th, walking through think bushes in villages with Dr. Isatou Touray or Amie Bojang of Gamcotrap —  to lend her star power to the FMG issues and early marriage issues at the times when the women of the country really needed her voice the most. She could have won the respect of Gambians and earned a Nobel price or featured as one of the most influential first lady. We could go on with issues but her persona is the antithesis to our values. Whatever she advocates for at a particular time, does not closely aligns with our current issues.

Her body language or facial expressions does not show that warm magnetism, infectious kindness— when she is around our fine hard working mothers or our precious children.  The Gambian voter’s seriousness for coalition, have helped to awaken the Jammeh family everywhere from their decades-long hibernation on issues that matters most to Gambians. Zainab whom largely has been out of the limelight on list of daunting challenges of events that she could change, has finally thrust herself into one of the national emotional issues for all of the wrong reasons. Suddenly, their ears are all perked with disbelief watching the implosion of internal struggles, between the warring factions of hard-liners within their party, that suddenly branched off to support the GDC as a bridge to the coalition.

Perhaps unbeknownst to many, though, she is the reason why the pulse of the bottom of our national foreign reserve coffers” made in china label” are visible. The nation remains on its current fiscal trajectory downward spiral because of their actions. It is a known fact that they do not appreciates anything beyond the preservation of their titles. She seems simply to have lost her grip on reality of her prized misadventures, but the price tag of her hits on our national coffers keep coming. Worst of all, many people claim that her devotion to her agenda of enriching herself and her past actions that results in many Gambians losing their jobs, reveals another closed minded person with lethal consequences. They show no desire to rein in spending of what they collect from Gambians or leaving the corridors of power anytime soon.

Yaya Jammeh and his regime are engaged in fraudulent voter card buying using money and intimidation. In an unusual public display, the military is also simultaneously working to cut through the political noise by touring the country unnecessarily, thus confirming the long-standing fears of observers. Thankfully, they are aware that they have already lost the pulse of the power they once though were secure in their hands. This explains why they have been recently loud and vituperative. Given the enormous crises facing our country, it is just too late for the same old tactics that worked for the past twenty-two years thinking it will further amplifying their stance. Every Gambian who votes for the coalition have a unique opportunity for a worthy legacy second to none in history. We Shall pick up from the songs achieved in our hearts that shall echo all over the ethos of our country – Home again.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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