Gambia: Breaking News: NIA DG Is Using The AU Villas To Have Fun With His Girlfriends In Town!

NIA Chief Yankuba Badjie is using the AU Villas to meet with his girlfriends in town, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The AU Villa, is now becoming a brothel for the novice NIA boss. Girls dating Mr. Badjie, have been interviewed by Freedom Radio Gambia, and the information gathered so far is disturbing. Yanks should at least have respect for the position bestowed on him by the Kanilai monster. His conduct is reprehensible. He is bringing disrepute to the agency, its personnel and The Gambian nation.

The NIA is running a safe house (station) at the said location. NIA officers posted there can attest to the fact that their boss Yanks has been walking in and out of the property with different girls. Women spent hours with Yanks at the same room.

According to one of the girls dating Yanks Badjie, who goes with the street name (decoy) Madam Saff-Sap, Yanks has been lying to his wife Ndura, that he works on third shift (night) when in actual fact half of the time Yanks would be at the AU villas having fun with his girlfriends.

“There was a day, Yanks received a call from Ndura, and he told her that he was staying late at work, when he was with me at the AU villa. Yanks is a whore. He cheats on his wife,” said Saff-Sap.

“There are occasions Yanks will perform ritual sacrifices at the AU villas in the form of taking bath with three different buckets. He said he wants to protect himself from Yahya Jammeh. He told us that Jammeh is a betrayer, and as such his marabout has advised him to be taking bath at the AU Villas,” she added.

Yanks Badjie is a light weight dude. His girlfriends are the least happy with his performance on the bed.

“Yanks got a small thing… He cries a lot on bed. Ndura should watch his man. He is cheating on her,” she said.

Yanks Badjie is in the business of discussing the missions he runs for the NIA with his girlfriends. He has revealed a lot. He informed one of his girlfriends about his recent missions to Dakar. Yanks is likely to run if General Badjie fails to summon his courage to arrest Jammeh. Yanks is an information risk.

Written By A Staff Writer

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