Gambia: Breaking News: Massive Sugar Shortages Hits Gambia; Cup Of Sugar Costs D10

There is massive sugar shortage in The Gambia. Few outlets are selling sugar. A cup of sugar costs D15 dalasi. The Jammeh regime is unable to import sugar amid economic crisis.

sugarMany Gambians consume sugar. Sugar is widely used in the country. Consumers are complaining about the lack of sugar in the country. They are also complaining about the high cost of sugar.

Gambia’s private sector has virtually died. The dictator Yahya Jammeh has hijacked the sector. Businesses are closing amid lack of sales.

The average Gambian lives below one US dollar a day. Salaries for civil servants have been stagnant. It’s been over ten years since dictator Jammeh increases workers salaries.

Attaya brewers are also complaining, They said in the absence of sugar, they cannot cook attaya.

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