Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia Navy Ceases To Patrol Sea; As Chinese Fishing Trawlers Storm Gambian Waters!

The Gambia Navy, has ceases to function as our maritime naval police, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The economic downturn is taking its toll on the Navy. The only Naval boat that our Marines use to patrol the sea has been grounded. This is largely due to lack of fuel. There is fuel shortage in town. The Navy is economizing the little fuel it had on its gas depot.

gambia_king_of_gambia_lon102_18615793As such, Chinese fishing trawlers are exploiting the vulnerability of our sea waters. They encroached into our waters to catch fish. It is not clear if Yahya Jammeh allowed the Chinese to fish in our waters, but what’s clear though a lot of Chinese fishing activities is taking place in our waters.

It would be recalled that The Gambia and Mainland China recently established diplomatic ties. Knowing Jammeh, he is capable of welcoming Chinese Fishing trawlers to exploit Gambia’s waters to his own personal gains.

Below is a piece we received from one our sources:


Pa, this is for the headlines. Just off the phone with one of our boys in the Navy, informing me that currently Chinese fishing trawlers are illegally fishing in The Gambia waters with impunity. The only Navy ship is anchored for lack of fuel to go patrol our waters.

According to him, the Navy ship consumes 600 Gallons of Diesel each time is set off for patrol in the sea as a result for nearly 8 months it didn’t move an inch due to government’s failure to provide the budget.

According him, security wise, the sea posed a greater security risk even to Jammeh at State House. The reasons why he don’t stay there. Local fishermen don’t catch anything fish nowadays due to Chinese fishing in our water uncontrolled.

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