Gambia: Sedia Bayo’s Men Scares Jammeh To Death; Rebels In Town!

The French born Gambian native Sedia Bayo, has indeed shaken the Jammeh dictatorship, this medium can reveal. Mr. Bayo and his men are causing panic within the Jammeh State House. Reports of an alleged invasion are abound amid growing insecurity on the part of the dictator. Security forces are tired. They have long been on standby since Bayo’s Youtube message that he has entered the country with a contingent of rebels.

Sedia Bayo’s past has rendered him not credible in some quarters—especially among The Gambian diasporan community. This is not the first time that Bayo has made such threats against Jammeh.

Intelligence sources said the NIA and Jammeh are not taking Bayo’s threats lightly. There has been strong presence of NIA undercover officers, and armed soldiers in the Central and Upper River Regions respectively since Bayo’s declaration that he is in the country with his men.

Mr. Bayo is said to be running rebel bases in the country. He is said to be under the company of foreign fighters and Ex-soldiers. Jammeh is now banking on the support of Senegal to help him fortify border security. No one knows when Bayo’s men will strike.

The Gambia is a very porous country. Borders are not secured. The security morale is at its lowest ebb in The Gambia at this hour. This is largely due to Jammeh’s neglect of the country and the plight of the security forces. Our security forces are grossly underpaid. They work for long hours with little pay.

Now that Jammeh is in Kanilai, let see what will happen. Bayo and his men are in town. They are here as a backup force for the opposition.

Bayo and his men are alone in hunting Jammeh. There are different forces interested in bailing the country out from Jammeh’s misrule. Jammeh will soon be caged. Time will tell!

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