Gambia: Immigration ID Card Issuing Officer Referred To A Lawyer’s Place Of Residence As Her Gender!

Accuracy and proper compilation of voter information is part and parcel of credible electoral database. In The Gambia, ID cards issued have been wrongly filled. In this particular card issued to a Gambian lawyer, instead of properly filling her gender on the issued card, the issuing officer referred to her place of residence Kombo Lamin, as her gender. Ridiculous, right?


If Immigration agents cannot differentiate place of residence and gender, then how can such agents execute their functions effectively. Lord of mercy! Gambia, the system has been rigged. We cannot afford to have such a  mediocre to represent the Immigration.

The decline of quality education can be attributed to Jammeh’s total neglect of the sector. Jammeh has neglected this important sector for decades now. He doesn’t want his own kids to stay and study in The Gambia because he knew this sector is dead. Is this fair to Gambian taxpayers. Immigration agents cannot spell, or fill forms properly. This is sad so to speak,

The person listed on the card is said to be a lawyer by profession. Interestingly, the supposed UK Coventry lawyer grandaunt, hasn’t notice the error on her voters card. The Immigration should recall this poorly filled card and reissue her a new one.

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