Gambia: GDC’S Mama Kandeh Risked Facing Disqualification On Nomination Day; As NIA Political Division Says Jammeh Is Determined To Stop Mama!

The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has unveiled plans hatched by dictator Yahya Jammeh to disqualify the candidature of The Gambia Democratic Congress leader Mama Kandeh, on nomination day, this medium can report. Despite serving as an APRC MP for Jimara, the NIA said Jammeh, has assigned them to investigate the educational background of both UDP’s Adama Barrow and Mama Kandeh of the GDC.

Jammeh, said, our NIA sources attached to the Agency’s Political Affairs Division, wants to invoke the 1997, constitution to disqualify Mama’s candidature. The said constitutional provision requires folks aspiring to become President, to at least attain a senior secondary school education, which Mama lacks, according to NIA insiders.

“The Agency has dug into Mama’s past educational background both within and outside The Gambia. Equally, the same investigation was conducted on UDP’s Adama Barrow. The agency’s findings revealed that Adama Barrow, has met the necessary educational requirements, but in the case of Mama Kandeh, he has not attained a senior secondary education as prescribed by the constitution,” said our sources at the NIA Political Affairs Division tasked to monitor political activities in the country.

“ Mama Kandeh, has attained Secondary forth certificate education from Crab Island Secondary school. After graduating from Crab Island, Mama attended a six month accounting course at The Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). He later traveled to Germany, where he received education on the German language. So far this is what the agency has gathered on Mama Kandeh. Even though the GDC has been registered as a political party, the issue of Mama’s eligibility as a Presidential candidate, is going to come up on nomination day. The IEC has been notified by the State,” said our source.

The nationally famed GDC leader Mama Kandeh, according to our sources risked facing disqualification on nomination day. Our sources said the NIA has a special case file on Mama Kandeh.

“Yahya Jammeh wants to see Mama Kandeh disqualified. He underestimated Mama at some point, but now he is convinced that Mama is a threat to his regime. He is going to use any constitutional instrument on the book to nail him politically. The GDC folks should not be overwhelmed by the IEC’s acceptance of the registration of the GDC as a political party. The issue of Presidential qualifications would be determined on nomination day,” said our source.

The GDC leader Mama Kandeh could not be reached for immediate comment at the time of filing this report.

We were able to reach MC Cham, the GDC National Youth Mobilizer, who maintained that Mama’s Candidature is unquestionable.

“Mama Kandeh has fulfilled all the qualifications to run for President. He graduated from secondary school and then attended GTTI. The same requirement used for the National Assembly elections applies on the Presidential elections. That’s why he was able to run as an MP for the APRC. The question of him not being qualified is not accurate,” MC Cham tells Freedom Radio Gambia.

“Please give me ten minutes to get back to you,” he added as he said he was going to contact Mama Kandeh for further details on our journalistic query.

” I contacted the IEC; an official close to the Chairman, told me, that Mama, has met the requirements. The official told me that Mama is qualified to run for President.  I also spoke to Mama and he was laughing. He said people making such claims are jokers. He is qualified. People will be surprised on nomination day,” MC Cham said.

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