Gambia: Breaking News: Magistrate Muhammed Krubally Absconds

Barely a day passes without judicial or government officials absconding from the jurisdiction of The Gambia, Freedom Radio Gambia, can reveal. Many workers delegated to attend conferences overseas—particularly the United States, or Europe, hardly return home. They often absconded. Dictator Yahaya Jammeh might pretty soon end up running a government without workers.

The latest judicial staffer to abscond is magistrate Muhammed Krubally. Magistrate Krubally was sent to attend a conference in the US, and has since absconded. He fears to be persecuted by the autocratic regime of dictator Yahya Jammeh.

The no nonsense magistrate has delivered so many court rulings against the regime of Yahya Jammeh. Sources said Mr. Krubally was onetime verbally reprimanded for ruling against the state.

A source who reached us by phone said Mr. Krubally personally told him that he (Krubally) was not free to do his work while working with The Gambian judiciary. That The Gambia state often interferes with the work of judges and magistrates.

“He told me that there was no point for him to return to The Gambia—given the hostile environment magistrates and judges are operating in that country. He told me that he was harassed for ruling against the state in one of his court rulings,” said our source.

Mr. Kubally could not be reached for comment at the time of filing this story. Mr. Krubally used to work at the Bundung magistrates court.

In another development, another young magistrate Omar Jabang has also absconded few weeks ago. “He wanted to finally marry his longtime girlfriend and move out which he just did,” our source added.

Mr. Krubally was recently fired and reinstated. He is now in the US, sources said.

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