Weekend Pictures–The Jammehs At Their Best

Banjul, The Gambia: It is an understatement to say that Yahya Jammeh is one of the most brutal beings God, has ever produced. His life has been characterized by evil activities. This man has killed thousands of Gambians since coming to power. He has also tortured and jailed an unaccountable number of Gambians. His rule has been marred by impunity.

Growing up as a child, he was timid and lazy. He never enjoyed fatherly and motherly love in his lifetime. His so called Dad died when he was pretty young. He cannot remember how his Daddy looks. We seriously doubt if Jammeh has a picture of his late daddy.

On his mother’s side, he was never raised by his mom, either. He was raised by his distance relatives. No wonder that’s why he is heartless. This man doesn’t value human life. He kills Gambians with passion.

If Jammeh is gone, our children would be devastated by the type of legacy he would be leaving behind. He represents evil. His gold digger Moroccan wife, only cares about his money. She is a high maintenance First Lady. She flies around the world endlessly. Her yearly upkeep is almost half of Gambia’s national budget.

The Jammehs should pack and leave otherwise they would be flushed by a popular uprising. The writings are on the wall for a revolution. Change is inevitable.

Written By A Correspondent

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