If Jammeh Dies, Who Is Going To Replace Him? Top Gov’t Official Asked

If dictator Yahya Jammeh dies, who is going to replace him? A top government official close to dictator Jammeh asked me during a phone conversation. The official said it is now public knowledge that Jammeh is sick, and his chances of making it is next to nil. The official, who appeared worried about Jammeh’s ailing health, told me, that Jammeh could hardly stay for a week without falling ill. He said the dictator is suffering from a wide range of diseases.

Jammeh’s replacement will no doubt steer governability issues if not handled well. The dictator has deliberately surrounded himself with poorly educated folks, who barely knows how the government operates. In the event Jammeh is no more, as rightly articulated by the government official, there is bound to be power struggle.

For the remainder of his rule, Jammeh would be confronted with challenges both domestic and international. Apart from his poor health, the dictator is presiding over an economically bankrupt nation. He is running an economically starved regime and nation.

Just few weeks ago, a word came in from Kanilai, that Jammeh has been quarantined by his Syrian doctors. His illness attacked him again. For days, Jammeh was indisposed. He was out of the public view.

During the time of receiving treatment from his doctors, Jammeh was partially unconscious. He urinates and defecate himself unabated. His lips also shakes. That’s one of the reasons why he covered his face during public functions.

For fear of being toppled by the army, Jammeh ensured that there are few people in the government, who are aware of his medical condition. But death cannot be concealed. If the Almighty calls him, he must answer. And that day is inevitable.

The political stakes are high for The Gambia. Jammeh’s ailing health should disqualify him from contesting the coming elections. In civilized countries, Presidential candidates are required to submit their health history before vying for the Presidency. Jammeh cannot pass any medical examination at this hour. His illness bares him from being able to execute the functions of the Presidency effectively.

Written By A Staff Writer

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