Gambia Ports Authority Is Financially Dead

The Gambia Ports Authority (GPA), Gambia’s onetime vibrant and buoyant economic superpower in the West African region, is on its final knees, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The GPA is virtually dead. This was the institution Jammeh uses for his financial waste. GPA feeds Jammeh, his gold digger wife, and secret mistresses in town. Now the GPA is dead. Where is the nation heading to?

First and foremost, GPA’s daily revenue collections have significantly declined in recent weeks. The revenue decline has caused panic among the management of the Ports. No revenue for the GPA, means some heads will roll. The situation is scary at this hour.

The ferries are running without customers (passengers). In the absence of free movement of goods and people, within the Senegambia region, having a ports in Banjul, would constitute as a joke. Banjul doesn’t have the clientele to service the customer demand or needs of the GPA. JK, should comprehend that his undesirable behavior is reprehensible by all standards. The only looser here is The Gambia and her people.
PORTS 1Meantime, Senegal, is determined to end Jammeh’s regime with the ongoing economic war between the two nations. If the economic war continues, Jammeh’s government is going to shut down.

Already, there is food scarcity in the country. Some basic commodities have started disappearing in some market stores. Inflation is also on the rise. Gambia relies on Senegal’s re-export trade.

Folks, residing along the border often engaged the services of Senegalese food smugglers to buy rice, sugar, cooking oil and so forth from them. It is much cheaper to buy food stuffs from Senegal compared to Yahya’s Gambia.

ports 5The Senegalese food smugglers are making fortune out of the starving Gambian nation. Each time, a particular food smuggler, smuggled food from Senegal to The Gambia, without being intercepted by Senegalese Custom agents, he, or she is likely to make huge amount of money from the trafficked commodities.
Yahya Jammeh, might soon end up joining folks relying on Senegalese food traffickers to feed his family and sycophants. You can take our analysis to the bank.

Meanwhile, some of the pictures featuring schools kids was taken at the BCC in Banjul during Independence Day. The poor kids were assembled in the hot sun to match across Banjul. Upper Basic Schools were excluded from the ceremony. Very sad Gambia!
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