Gambia Gov’t Denies Journalist Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay Medical Treatment; Doctors Say Ceesay Is likely To Die Under State Custody

The Gambian government has denied medical treatment to the detained Teranga FM Radio Managing Director Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Mr. Ceesay, who was briefly admitted at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, has been remanded back in prison despite his ailing health. The government is not happy that Mr. Ceesay’s whereabouts has been disclosed by the media, following his hospitalization. The journalist is between life and death situation. He has been dumped in jail with no medication to help him recover.

Freedom Radio Gambia reported on the pages of this medium that Mr. Ceesay was admitted on Monday. As soon as our story went viral, the crazy Gambian dictator phoned the hospital to request for Mr. Ceesay to be discharged. Ceesay was discharge the next day on Tuesday.

Doctors overseeing his case are worried that the journalist is likely to die in state custody if he is not availed with proper medical attention. Mr. Ceesay has been under custody for over seven months. He has been accused of circulating a snipper portrait, in which the snipper threatens to shoot dicatator Jammeh. A charge he categorically denied. His case is expected to be heard in court on March 15th.

Written By A Correspondent

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