Falai Baldeh Spotted At A Mosque In Brusubi

He earns his fame over becoming an activist against the Jammeh dictatorship. He is now a defected member of The Gambian struggle. Falai Baldeh, has since reconciled with dictator Jammeh. He is now visiting his native country, The Gambia after many years of missing his home village Base.

FALAI 1Mr. Baldeh, is not a celebrity, but his recent homecoming has brought him to the spotlight. This followed his GRTS appearance, in which he used to further apologize to the dictator, he onetime opposed with passion. Mr. Baldeh has since pledged to rally behind dictator Jammeh and his ruling APRC party.

The Gambian New Yorker, was spotted at a mosque at Brusubi yesterday. He was carrying a file at the time. The congregation was pleased to receive such a senior citizen, who has been living in exile for many years.

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