Defense Ministry Official, Who Sexually Socializes With His Subordinate Has Been Send Packing; Girlfriend On Study Leave In The UK!

Fraternization at the workplace is something many employers strongly frown at. In the case of The Gambia, dictator Yahya Jammeh has decreed that senior government officials cannot date their subordinates. He ensured that workers do not sexually socialize at the workplace, even though he (Jammeh) sexually socialized with his workers.

When reports started circulating at the Ministry of Defense that one of the Ministry’s senior officials Abdoulie Kah, was dating subordinate of his, Jainaba Manjang, Jammeh stepped in by separating the pair. Mr. Kah, was transferred to the Sports Ministry, while Ms. Manjang was purportedly sent to the UK on study leave.  She used to work under Mr. Kah.

The Defense Ministry is the nation’s security nerves. Keep in mind that Yahya Jammeh doesn’t want his secrets to be leaked to the press. In addition to that, Jammeh virtually sleeps with every woman he got into contact with.

Mr. Kah and Ms. Manjang are the unfortunate ones in Jammeh’s regime. There are thousands of officials out there dating their subordinates. The practice is very prevalent at the NIA, police, State Guard, Immigration and the State House.

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