Banjul Letter Writer Sends Alpha Khan To The Gutters

Please allow me a space in your widely read newspaper to expose this Monster, the so called Alpha Khan, who is one of the biggest hypocrites that has continued in claiming been the husband of the Vice president and making a self cover of that tittle and taking advantage of one department to the other.

Pa, if it can be recalled that some years back in an interview with a journalist, the Vice President totally denied been married to the so called headmaster Alpha Khan, as widely rumored, but that never stopped the pumpos Headmaster from spreading the rumor and taking advantage of her tittle in doing dubious activities in the name of their village development. Using The Vice president naming in lobbying for funds in the name of developments and later divert some of those funds for personal property.

Pa, Kuntaya village used to be one of the greatest communities that have been national respected for been a good place of upbringing children and the teaching of the Holy Quran of which I was part of those who benefited from been brought up and thought of the Holy Quran in Kuntaya, but Pa, is so unfortunate that this greedy Monster Alpha Khan has succeeded in turning this great community into the worst setting you can ever imagine.

Pa, this Monster was the very guy using Imam Baba Leigh in everything he does in connection to religion up to an extend of a level where Imam Baba Leigh got arrested, all he did was he turned his back against Imam Baba Leigh as if he has never known him. He was asking all those he was closed to, to distance themselves from Imam Baba Leigh; not even a courtesy call has he ever made to Baba Leigh even after his release.

Pa, to proof what I am saying please consult Imam Baba Leigh to shed light in his relationship with this Monster Headmaster.

Pa, even Mayor Colley did all he could to remove him from Charles Jaw school now change to 22nd July school but he as Isaid can easily maneuver by using the Vice president tittle. Mayor Colley succeeded in convincing all the Councillors of KMC to replace him, but to no avail.

We formed with him an Association for the development of Kuntaya village and of which he Incorporated the Vice president and meets once in awhile, with brains like Dr Abou Jeng efforts the association started tapping funds thus making a healthy account for village development, but disappointingly this monster using his age successfully made it tough for the rest of the members so as to take an advantage of the account.

Today most of the very influential people who lobbed for those funds are no more aware of activities of the account. Pa, how can your lobby funding for a village without the village authority been aware, neither the Alkalo nor the VDC Chairman has knowledge of this development Association.

Let the National Intelligent Agency please investigate this Monster, and let them use strong and competent officials to look into his affairs in relation to public property.
Pa, this wicked Monster Headmaster is covering himself with the vice president tittle in doing all he want to do. He do park his private car in his home during weekends and using Education vehicles for his personal errands. Those in ports working at the terminal can attest to this. He will even called those on duty to clear the that he is coming to crossed, and they will also comply with the belief that he is on the vice president’s mission when in factual he is just using her name to earn himself respect.

Pa, in my next revelation concerning this Monster I will expose the way he is comuflashing pretending to be an APRC supporter just for personal gains. He was the very first person who prepared and sponsored his own brother Mr. Baba Abou Khan to join the UDP and opposed the APRC Candidate in the first national Assembly elections after July revolution. His brother lost to the APRC Candidate and since then he left for the USA. And this political grieviance led him to create an instability within the village most specially to his uncle who is currently the village head.

His uncle never supported them to opposed the APRC candidate as to him they should always followed the government of the day. since then he has been internally creating difference within the family. in my next revelation will continue how he succeeded dividing the village for political reasons and current involvement in instigating land issues problem in creating difference within the family.

Please Mr. President this Monster is one of the wolfs in sheep’s clothing, engagge very competent guys to investigate about him.

Thank you
Written By A JALLLOW

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