Mama Kandeh Couldn’t Register His Party, As Jammeh Discourages Mama’s Friend Ghanaian President Mahama Not To Fund Him

The Basse Mansajang born native politician Mama Kandeh might not be registering his much hyped political party anytime soon, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Besides dictator Jammeh’s undermining of Mama at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Mr. Kandeh also lacks the necessary funds to register his party. His backers have jumped ship, following dictator Jammeh’s meddling into the politician’s business.

Mama KandehWhen Mama Kandeh was at the ECOWAS Parliament, he developed an excellent rapport with the Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama. He also makes friends with other sub-regional leaders. President Mahama in particular, was willing to sponsor Mama Kandeh’s political venture, including funding his proposed political party covertly, sources familiar with the story, have told this medium. Mama, was banking on President Mahma’s financial support, but it turns out that the Ghanaian President is no longer interested in funding him, our source added. Hence, Mama has been faced with budgetary problems to register a political and run a fully fledged political party in The Gambia.

MahmaAccording to highly placed State House sources, Yahya Jammeh, has sent his emissaries to Ghana, to meet with President Mahama to prevail on the Ghanaian leader not to fund Mr. Mama Kandeh. President Mahama was convinced by Jammeh’s emissaries, and he decided to cutoff ties with the Basse native.

Both Yahya Jammeh and Mama Kandeh used to be close buddies of President Mahama of Ghana. As soon as Mama Kandeh refuses to be used by Jammeh to promote his agenda at ECOWAS, and also to farm for him at his Kanilai farm, Jammeh became skpetical about Mama’s loyalty. Mama has been a stronger supporter of term limit for the Presidency in Africa, but Jammeh doesn’t.

Mama, was removed from the APRC ticket during the past National Assembly elections. Jammeh personally asked the party’s Secretariat not to allow him to run as an APRC MP. That led to his parting company with the APRC.

Meanwhile, Mama Kandeh’s supporters in The Gambia have expressed their disappointment at the politician’s failure to come forward to explain the circumstances surrounding the non registration of his proposed political party. They felt that Mama has abandoned them despite the euphoria that greeted his emergence into the political landscape. Mama’s support base is mainly from the disgruntled APRC militants, Civil Service, the police, Army and the NIA. Mama has since resettled in Senegal, for some unexplained reasons. Attempts to reach him for comment proved futile.

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