Jammeh’s Totalitarian Approach Destroying Gambia’s Economy

Gambia – The Gambian economy is teetering on the brink of paralyze due to crass incompetence and a strange totalitarian approach by Yahya Jammeh, a front line economist in Banjul has told Freedom.

The economist said the shambolic state of the Gambian economy represents the worst in the ‘nation’s contemporary history’. “Just by looking at the domestic debt which now stands at 22 billion dalasis, you will realize that Gambia’s economy is at best ailing,” the economist said.
He added that, “Yahya borrows money from the banks and diverts it for personal use. There is lack of economic direction and businesspeople are whining about the battered state of the economy.”

The economist went on to describe Yahya as a deceptive leader. “Yahya is shamelessly lying to Gambians and the world about the buoyancy and vibrancy of an economy he has bled dry for personal gain, when it is obvious to the discerning, that the Gambian economy is headed for serious trouble,” he said.

He said after 21 years in power, Gambians are no longer in doubt that they have been scammed by Africa’s ‘most absurd dictator’.
“There is a difference between saying the truth and just painting a picture that is not correct,” he added.

The economist said he believes that when things get really bad, Jammeh will start blaming others for the mess. “I believe that when things get really bad, Yahya will scapegoat others but a ‘numero uno’ should not blame. It is a sign of helplessness. He must take responsibility for leading us out of troubled waters.”

Written By A Freedom Correspondent

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