Bai Lowe’s Abducted Son Yusupha Lowe Is Now In Kanilai With Bai’s Former Assassin Partners!

Yahya Jammeh is never short of game plan to terrorize his countrymen. In an attempt to instil mental fear on the captive son of Bai Lowe, one of the escaped State House attackers, he decided to move the child to Kanilai, where Yusupha Lowe is under the custody of his elite assassin team–known here in Banjul as the Jungullars. Yusupha Lowe’s Dad Bai Lowe, is a self confessed member of the assassin team. He now lives in Germany. Lowe escaped unhurt following the failed State House takeover attack.

A source writing to us from Banjul said: ” Good afternoon. Bai Lowe’s son Yusupha, is with Bai’s former partners in crime at the so-called “jungullars”, Sanna Manjang in Kanilai. Tell Bai that this is confused from someone he used to chill with at Bakoteh housing estate and at that textile shop in Banjul.”
” The kid is okay, not being tortured for now,” our source added.

Fourteen year old Yusupha Lowe was arrested together with his mom on the wake of the failed coup led by the then exiled State Guard Commander Lamin Sanneh. Lowe’s mom was released since she came from the same village Bwiam with General Saul Badjie. She is part of the Jolla hegemony. But her son Yusupha Lowe has been under state custody since December of 2014.

The boy has missed school–thanks to Jammeh’s power abuses. He has not been charged with any offence yet.

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