A board member of the army credit union absconds with huge cash!

Intel: The Army Headquarters office has now become a begging institution, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Our soldiers are really suffering. They queued daily at the offices of Army’s Director of Finance Lt. Colonel M A Bah to beg him money. The situation is pathetic so to speak. This is not the type of army that any serious country would count on to defend her. The soldiers are thinking about how to put food on the table for their families than protecting a country–not to mention protecting the idiotic Yahya Jammeh.
The Army’s Credit Union has now become a scamming institution. Our soldiers are finding it extremely difficult to cash out their hard earned monies from the Credit Union. Soldiers cannot withdraw the monies they saved at the Credit Union. They are occasionally told that there is no money; let them go and come the next day. Our soldiers are running out of patience. The situation is becoming unbearable for them. They are openly complaining!

The other day, a Board Member of the Credit Union was given a loan of over one hundred thousand dalasi. The Board Member cashed out the money and absconded. He has travelled through the back way to Europe. Everyone at GAF is talking about the incident. The most scary thing is that; senior officers have started embarking on an AWOL. Everyone is leaving…

The Army Credit Union is headed by M A Bah. Mr. Bah is the Director of Finance and also the Chairman of the Union. He is being assisted by Lt. Dampha, who is in charge of transactions. Some junior NCOS are also part of the Credit Union’s management.

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