The switching off of the Radio Gambia transmission on the day of the coup cost Abdou Touray his job!

The switching off of the Radio Gambia Transmission on the Day of the Coup Cost Abdou Touray his job; Lamin Manga risked facing charges!

It was on December 30, 2014, when the erstwhile GRTS boss Lamin Manga ordered one of his managers Abdou Touray, a longtime staffers of GRTS to switch over the transmission cable at Radio Gambia at Mile Seven, Freedom Radio Gambia has gathered from NIA insiders. Touray complied without questioning Manga’s directive. This occurred on the night of the State House attack. Dictator Yahya Jammeh was out of town at the time of the mutiny.

News later reached Jammeh that Radio Gambia was off air. Jammeh never ordered for the switching off of the Radio Gambia transmission cable. The dictator became mad and ordered for an inquiry to be launched upon his safe return to Banjul. He wanted to know who ordered for the closure of the radio.

GRTS Director General Lamin Managa was invited by the NIA to shed light on the termination of transmission at Radio Gambia on the night of the failed coup. Managa was alleged to have volunteered information against one of his subordinates Abdou Touray.

Touray was later arrested and detained for sometime before he was fired from his job. He told the NIA during their interrogations that he instructed by Mr. Lamin Manga to switch off transmission at Radio Gambia on the night of the coup. Touray said Lamin is his boss and he has no other alternative, but to comply with his directive.

Mr. Abdou Touray, has lost his job at the GRTS after many years of excellent services to the state. Mr. Lamin Manga was transferred to the State House to head the Press office there. Manga has been walking in and out of the NIA since his redeployment at the President’s office.

A source familiar with the story, said Lamin Manga risked facing charges. His case file is with the NIA, our source said.

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