The man behind the anti South Africa violence denunciation video Baba Ja claims he has been banned by Facebook!

Barely hours after he posted a video on his Facebook page, criticizing the ongoing unlawful killing of migrants in South Africa, which later went viral, Baba Ja, the self-styled Gambian actor, has been slapped with a Facebook video postage ban for now—pending further investigations by the Social Media website owners to determine as to whether Mr. Ja has violated its Community usage rules and standards, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Mr. Ja’s video attracted close to two million hits—the first of its kind as far as Gambia’s Social Media activism is concerned. It appears that someone might have turned in Baba to Facebook for his anti-rhetoric sentiments against the organized gang killing of black migrants in South Africa.

In the video, Baba Ja, condemned the xenophobic hate directed at the migrants. He said without the help of black Africa, South Africans wouldn’t have been liberated from the White minority rule. Ja, couldn’t come to terms as to the logic and the rationale behind the gruesome killing of the African migrants by their own fellow black South Africans.
BABA 2Baba Ja also has an issue with the claim made by those behind the attack of the African migrants that the migrants have taken over their jobs. Ja contends that South Africa’s economy has been dominated by westerner and that the greater chunk of South Africa’s budget is sitting in western banks. He accuses those behind the xenophobic hate as hypocrites and enemies of freedom. He argues the black migrants in South Africa are being unfairly targeted by the very people that black Africa aided during the struggle to free South Africa during the white minority rule domination.

Concerned by the ban imposed on him by Facebook, Baba Ja has decided to go public with his story. He will be on Freedom Radio Gambia on Thursday 3:00 PM Eastern Time to relate his story to the world. Mr. Ja said he has instructed his Attorney to help resolve his issues with Facebook.

Mr. Jah is not only a Social Media Commentator, he is also a comedian. He calls himself “ Serign Chapa Choley.” His Facebook videosBABA 3 started attracting hits, when the Freedom Editor shared Ja’s videos on his Facebook page. Millions of people visit the Freedom Editor’s page in search of Gambian news and other stories of human interest. Ja has since earned his fame on Social Media.

“ I want Facebook to unlock my Facebook page ASAP,” Ja said in an inbox to this medium adding that he wanted to record another video about South Africa.
A Ugandan national based in Sweden recorded a video impersonating the gang leader heading the massacre in South Africa. The man happens to be a comedian. He later recorded a second video apologizing for his actions.

The Management of Facebook could not be reached for immediate comment.

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