Swedish authorities to deport “Gambian reporter” asylum seeker on Tuesday

Swedish authorities are on the verge of deporting a Gambian lady to her native country, The Gambia, after her asylum application has been denied, this medium can reveal. Ms. Amie Sanyang, who claimed to be a former reporter with one of the local papers in The Gambia, has had her asylum claim refused. She is supposed to be flown back to The Gambia on Tuesday, sources said. ” They planned to fly her out on Tuesday,” our source added.

Ms. Sanyang feared being persecuted if forcefully deported to The Gambia. Her asylum claim was premised on the worsening dictatorship in The Gambia and also the lack of media freedom in the impoverished West African nation. Although, her story has been doubted by the Swedish authorities.

According to our source, Ms. Sanyang claimed that she used work for the Standard Newspaper as a reporter. This medium couldn’t confirm the veracity of her claims. Unless her deportation orders have not been stayed, she has been scheduled to be deported to The Gambia on Tuesday.

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