Bokaharam has reached the shores of the gambia!

Armed Gambian Youths Calling Themselves The Disciples Of The Nigerian Bokaharam Terrorist Group Terrorize, Demanded Money From Abuko Villagers After Holding Them On Ransom; Police have Effected Some Arrests; While Some Of The Youths Are Still At Large!

Bokharam has reached the shores of The impoverished West African nation of The Gambia! The Gambia has recorded its first case of Bokaharam terror related activities in the sub-region. The terror group seems to be attractive to some unemployed Gambian youths, who have resorted to promoting its doctrine through hostage taking and intimidation of local villagers. It seems that some Gambian youths have been radicalized by the Nigerian terrorist group–notorious for raping, killing and taking women under hostage. Close to over 30 youths from Abuko, calling themselves the disciples of the Nigerian terrorist group Bokaharam stormed the village on Wednesday night approximately little past 10:00 PM and terrorize the villagers, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The youths, who were armed to the teeth with machetes, cutlasses, knives, and other deadly weapons took the villagers on ransom by demanding money from them or else, they said they will kill them.

Primary and secondary roads leading to the village were blocked by the youths– many of whom were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It was a chaotic night in Abuko. Panic and anxiety continue to grip the villagers.

BOKOHARAM LEADERThe self styled Gambian Bokaharam youths took over the village for hours before they were repelled by the police. Police had to come in to rescue the villagers from the so called Bokaharam disciples. A good number of youths were arrested and taken to the Bundung police station. Some escaped arrest and are still at large.
The youths complained about the economic hardship in the country characterized by lack of job opportunities. They threatened to harm their captives if their demand for money were not met.

A source close to the Bundung police station said they could not process the arrested youths at the Abuko sub- station for fear of the station being attacked by the escapees at large. Our source confirmed the story.

” Some disgruntled youths calling them the disciples of Bokaharam stormed the village of Abuko and terrorized the villagers including travelers. They stopped cars and demanded money from drivers, our source said.

“The hostile gang group have been operating in the area for sometime now. They would occasionally stormed ” Fural show” parties and demand money from its organizers. They are widely feared by the community of Abuko. It is a tradition now that before villagers can organize ” Fural parties” they must be given money or otherwise they would disrupt the party,” said sour source.

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