About security threats I am confronted with

Dear Pa,
I would like to inform you about the security threats I am confronted with. Since my arrival in Mbour, Senegal, I have been going through serious challenges compelling me to use greater secrecy and caution in my day-to-day interaction with people.

In fact, I was able to corroborate disturbing findings revealing that my successive arrests in Dec. 2012 and January 2013 have to do with a conspiracy mounted by unscrupulous people living in Senegal and Gambia.

When I managed to reach safe Senegal havens in June 2013 fleeing possible abduction attempts, the same people still continue to pose serious menace to me. I did gather detailed information about them, and will release it at an appropriate time.

My Kirene sim card (78 226 34 26) ‘disappeared’, and I could still remember removing it in my phone on Friday 27th March, 2015. I put it in my inside vest pocket.
This was done on Tuesday 7th April, and I am yet to receive any feedback from the officer M.S Mballo (77 125 58 45)) who took my statement.
Another thing that makes me suspicious is the fact that I also found that somebody is spying on me with a smartphone app. The owner of this line 78 157 80 59 made about 10 successive calls on April 11, trying to reach out to me. This prompted to send him two text messages reading as follows: “Pardon je priais. Qui est-ce? (19:42)”; “Sorry I was praying. Who is it? (19:45)”. He did not reply to these messages but kept on calling while I was discussing with a family member about a confidential issue. Through my calls recorder app, I discovered he was listening and he heard the whole conversation that lasted 16mns
and 30s.

I spared no efforts to send him a text a message in French making it very clear to him that he should be ready to assume his responsibility in admitting that he committed a crime. He did not reply, and when I tried to call him, the line was not available.

On April 12, he did it again by listening to a call from Gambia. I was discussing with my mother and sister about security issues, and am still wondering how he managed to get through the conversation.

With best regards,
Abdoulie JOHN
Freelance journalist
Associated Press reporter

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