• Gambia: Ous Mbenga Attacks Coalition Gov’t Saying “Nguur ri yiholu du yaga” : a government standing on its toes will not last

    As the power of the people is betrayed and coalition 2016 implodes, it’s imperative for us to “draw the line” at this critical juncture to stop all hidden agendas on their tracks. A mere regime change is not what we fought for, only to leave intact the structures upon which Jammeh and his APRC ruined our beloved Gambia. For up to now, what and where is the coalition’s program for the “new Gambia”? Subsequent to its detachment, what and where is the “tactical coalition’s” program for the “new Gambia”? There exists no plan of action from the Barrow “government” to distinguish it from the insolent APRC regime. In case the coalition or its detachment, the “tactical coalition” is still missing...

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